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Tzipi Sutin

In addition to writing for JN, Tzipi also works as a birth and post partum doula. She currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and daughter. This is the third sentence in this paragraph.

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Tyler Samuels

Tyler Samuels is a liberal traditionalist Sephardic Jew, Political Science/History student at the University of Toronto and religious director of the University of Toronto Scarborough Jew Student Life. Also a small time writer and poet, Tyler runs his blog Bipolar Reb ( that mixes Judaism, politics and mental illness.

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Tali Ramo

Fresh out of the warmth and safety of undergrad, Tali has been stumbling through adulthood in eastern Pennsylvania since May 2014. By day, she fights for reproductive justice as a Grassroots Organizer with Planned Parenthood. By night, she is an avid Tumblr-er of all things feminist, Harry Potter, and Daenerys Targaryen.

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Shoshana Ne'orah Rishon

German Jewish mom + Black Catholic dad = Biracial advocate, interracial & inter-religious family adviser, general race conversationalist. I blog, I speak publicly, and I run classes for interracial families on socio-racial identity development (or, how to make sure your kids are secure in themselves without sacrificing your own identity). I'm also re-learning how to knit.

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MaNishtana is an Orthodox Jewish blogger, author of "Thoughts From A Unicorn: 100% Black. 100% Jewish. 0% Safe", and the Executive Director of The Shivtei Jeshurun Society for the Advancement of Jewish Racial & Ethnic Diversity ( He blogs at He drinks anywhere.

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Ruby Velez

Ruby is a Brooklynite currently living in Boston, where she gets to indulge in her love of exploring old graveyards. She's passionate about feminism, studying religion and mythology, issues of social justice, and animal rescue. She shares her home with her spouse, child, and rescued furkids of the canine and rodent persuasion.

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The Notebook

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Nahara Rollins

Hi. I am Nahara, and I am thoroughly enjoying unraveling this great red yarn of life.

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Miriam Lindenberg

Miriam Lindenberg was born in Chicago, Illinois. She made aliyah about 12 years ago and now lives with her family in the mystical city of Tsfat. Her favorite activity is writing Jewish children's books.

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Me'ira Perry

I'm Me'ira Perry; I was born in Bellevue, NE on a military base to my two Air Force enrolled parents. I have 8 siblings and spending time with my husband and our family is the greatest joy in my life.

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Malynnda Littky

Malynnda Littky moved to Israel from the Detroit area in 2007, and lives with her family in Hadera, halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. She currently works as a Content Manager for a software company.

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Jonathan Perry

Name is Jonathan Perry. Born and raised in Tucson, AZ. Recently married to the lovely Mikaela Perry. A graduate of University of Arizona with a degree in Music. Alum of Rabbinical College of America, Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim/Tiferes Bachurim.

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The JN Team

Welcome to the rest of the Jewish world. –The JN Magazine Team

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Isaiah Rothstein

Isaiah is JOC raised in a Lubavitch family in Monsey, NY. Isaiah received his Bachelor's degree from Binghamton University, as well as a Master's in social work. Currently Isaiah is expecting to finish his Rabbinical studies at Yeshiva University in the coming school year and works full time as the Madrich Ruchani (Spiritual and Experiential Educator) at Carmel Academy of Greenwich in Greenwich, CT.

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Special Guest

We're always interested in hearing new voices!

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Gavriela Rivka

Gavriela hails originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but now resides in Forest Hills, New York. She has a Masters degree in clinical social work from Temple University and is a dedicated volunteer in the animal rescue community. Gavriela is a major science geek and finds that her love of science strengthens her belief in G-d and vice versa, contrary to what others might expect.

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Emunah is an Orthodox Jew, attorney, poet, and former police officer. In her spare time she teaches high school girls English at a religious school in Israel and writes about her life as a Sephardi Jew. She currently resides in Zichron Yaakov with her husband and four children.

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Elisheva SugarAndSpice

Elisheva is a Brooklyn born, Brooklyn bred Modern Orthodox J.A.A.P. (Jewish African American Princess). Her greatest passions are fashion and dance. She hopes that one day dance and fashion can truly heal the world.

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Courtenay Edelhart

Courtenay Edelhart is a journalist, Reform Jew and single mother by choice via adoption. She lives in Bakersfield, California, with two children, an obnoxious Chihuahua, and assorted dying houseplants.

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Allaya Fleischer

Allaya is a foodie and world traveler who unifies her life experiences, diverse friendships, and family history through food. Originally from Thailand, her stays and travels took her through Germany, France, England, Barbados, Nepal, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and finally to the United States, among other places. She currently lives in Manhattan with her husband and children.

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