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We’re Moving! Goodbye Jewnited Nations, Hello Multikosheral

Greetings All!

Last week we unveiled our new revamped, rebranded, and facelifted stomping grounds: Multikosheral.

We’ve got a ton of things we’re excited for that we’ll be revealing bit by bit as they come up, so we hope you’ll join us over there for the jump!

We’re gonna want a lot more input from you, too!

We’re looking for:

  • Your questions about Jewish customs, holidays, or advice for our Ask the Rabbi column.
  • Any regular old life questions for our general advice column.
  • Someone willing to give us a “Sex in the City”-esque look into their trials and tribulations in the dating world as a diverse Jew for our Love, Relationships, Sex beat.
  • Any creative fiction piece, poem,  sketch, artwork, anything else artistic you’d like to contribute to The Notebook.
  • Your personal anecdotes of the good, bad, and ugly of navigating the world as a diverse Jew for our commentless, safe-space feature, The Wall.

Let us know if you’re interested over at Drop us a line at But by all means, keep on reading!

The (formerly) JN Team


I Have A Reality…

Of the many dynamic figures of the Civil Rights Movement, no two have been the victims of a reductionist legacy the way Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. have. When called to mind, most people remember Malcolm X’s association with the Nation of Islam and his tirades on white people being the devil and of the inherent superiority of blacks over whites, ignoring that after his pilgrimage to Mecca he left the Nation of Islam, embraced true Islam as a Sunni Muslim, eschewed black separatism, and had begun reconsidering his support for black nationalism. Continue reading I Have A Reality…

Taking But Not Giving

In the wake of the Paris attacks, I posted a simple yet pointed status on my Facebook page:

“Just a PSA for persons on an “obviously Muslims are terrible” rant:

American slavery ended in 1865. The Holocaust was in 1939.The civil rights act was signed in 1964. South African apartheid ended in 1994. So it’s essentially only been 21 years since most of white Christians FINALLY realized it’s in poor form to treat other people like garbage.
Continue reading Taking But Not Giving

An Inspired Shabbat

Last night, I was present for the presentation of a Guinness World Record. Project Inspire now holds the official record for “longest loaf of braided bread,” with a 20 foot, oven-baked, perfectly seeded 6 braid challah. Somehow, though, the over 2,200 women and girls I was sharing the space with weren’t an official record on our own. It would’ve been something like “most people simultaneously kneading and braiding challah.” Or, maybe, “most unified Jewish event.” Who would’ve ever thought that Brooklyn Jews could pull that one off?

Well, Project Inspire is certainly the group to make it happen. Continue reading An Inspired Shabbat

They’re All Our Boys

Guest Post by Adrienne “Adina” Yoe

One year has passed since our hearts and dreams were shattered when the Israeli government announced they had found the bodies of our boys – Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali a’h. When I first heard that three Jewish Israeli boys had been kidnapped in Gush Etzion, Israel last summer, I felt my heart stop. Like many members of the Jewish community, I did not feel that Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali were anonymous strangers or co-religionists. Continue reading They’re All Our Boys

Can Money Stop This?

“We`ll fight on the campuses, we`ll fight in the Apple stores, we`ll fight in the supermarkets; we shall never surrender!”

The never surrender clause has erupted when it comes to BDS in recent weeks. The comments of Orange CEO Stephane Richard which were later back tracked due to the fury of the Jewish world, illustrates this new reality. It also seems that our own Jewish Winston Churchill has emerged, as Sheldon Adelson, for his last week fundraising event to help fight BDS on university campuses. Continue reading Can Money Stop This?

Inexcusable Behavior

Barry Freundel was sentenced this past Friday, May 15, 2015 to 6 1/2 years incarceration for 52 misdemeanor counts of voyeurism. His victims were women who had come to him to convert to Judaism and had trusted in him, only to have that trust violated in an incredibly egregious fashion. I empathize with them as a convert and as a survivor of sexual assault, with both identities quite interwoven. Continue reading Inexcusable Behavior

Spring Cleaning My Friends List

It has happened a handful of times before.

It happened when Israel and Gaza went to war last summer. And when they went to war before that. It happened after the Michael Brown verdict, and after the Eric Garner verdict. It seems to happen after any major polarizing current event goes down without fail. And right this moment, it’s happening again. Continue reading Spring Cleaning My Friends List