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Buzzfeed Literally Doesn’t Get Me

Buzzfeed, the “hip” online website that features everything from politically oriented news pieces to personality quizzes to celebrity gossip, is an online favorite for zoning out and giving brains a silly pseudo-intellectual quick-blast sugar fix. Some people despise the website for being too “Millennial” in tone. Others seem to not get enough of articles about why it’s so cool to meet garbage collectors as a little kid, lists delineating how “perfect” the tribute to Finn at the ending of “Glee” was, quizzes on spotting items in a New York City bodega, and the like. Most of the pieces on Buzzfeed are harmless fluff or simple quick reads (I’d recommend going elsewhere for news updates, though, but that’s just me). Continue reading Buzzfeed Literally Doesn’t Get Me


A Little Perspective, Please

A Facebook friend of mine recently posted an article from The Jewish Daily Forward with the bold headline: “‘Selma’ Distorts History by Airbrushing Out Jewish Contributions to Civil Rights”. It may not be ladylike, but I immediately snorted at the use of the word “airbrushing” — which seemed to be an awkward alternative to the term “whitewashing”. But I mean, they couldn’t use that word in a piece that demands white people (Jewish and otherwise) their due recognition. I was honestly baffled at the presumptuous nature of such a sentiment.  Continue reading A Little Perspective, Please

Sidekick Stupidity

There’s nothing like a game of WWILF. You’ve done it, I assure you. You go onto Youtube to look up something obscure, like a 90’s music video, maybe something with a weird lyric like “No more roses for your gun, no hippy chick”, and then, somehow, you end up watching a documentary on prison camps in North Korea or a Brit’s review of American junk food. Yes, that has a name. WWILF. What Was I Looking For?

You’re welcome.  Continue reading Sidekick Stupidity