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Miriam Lindenberg was born in Chicago, Illinois. She made aliyah about 12 years ago and now lives with her family in the mystical city of Tsfat. Her favorite activity is writing Jewish children's books.

The Other Side Of The Garden

I wasn’t always Jewish, you know.

Once upon a time I was a typical Haitian-American girl trying to figure life out in the United States of America. I ate the typical food–griot, rice, beans–had the traditional Independence Day meals come January 1st annually. I was pretty sheltered growing up getting to go out when we all went to church.  We spoke French at home, although my parents had the secret Creole language that they spoke when they didn’t want the kids to hear.

Of course, we picked it up and figured it out. Continue reading The Other Side Of The Garden


Staring Me Down…

Ah! A day in the life of Miriam. I tell ya, most of you couldn’t handle being me.

I think know Hashem knew what He was doing when he made me the way I am.

You see, I have a slight urge towards exhibitionism.  Something which being tzenua (modest) keeps in check.  My life sometimes is like a constant stage act.  As long as I look great and have my head together (i.e. knowing the topic at hand and being able to make intelligent contributions to a discussion), I feel great. Continue reading Staring Me Down…