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We’re Moving! Goodbye Jewnited Nations, Hello Multikosheral

Greetings All!

Last week we unveiled our new revamped, rebranded, and facelifted stomping grounds: Multikosheral.

We’ve got a ton of things we’re excited for that we’ll be revealing bit by bit as they come up, so we hope you’ll join us over there for the jump!

We’re gonna want a lot more input from you, too!

We’re looking for:

  • Your questions about Jewish customs, holidays, or advice for our Ask the Rabbi column.
  • Any regular old life questions for our general advice column.
  • Someone willing to give us a “Sex in the City”-esque look into their trials and tribulations in the dating world as a diverse Jew for our Love, Relationships, Sex beat.
  • Any creative fiction piece, poem,  sketch, artwork, anything else artistic you’d like to contribute to The Notebook.
  • Your personal anecdotes of the good, bad, and ugly of navigating the world as a diverse Jew for our commentless, safe-space feature, The Wall.

Let us know if you’re interested over at Drop us a line at But by all means, keep on reading!

The (formerly) JN Team


Three Totally Not Terrible Acapella Channels For The Omer

It’s that time again!

The period between Passover and Shavuot has a unique commandment attached mandating Jews to count each of the 49 days between the two holidays, a ritual known as counting the Omer. It’s also a weird, strange time, full of any number of semi-mourning practices (dependent on regional or familial custom) forbidding any combination of haircuts, shaving, listening to instrumental music, or conducting weddings, parties, and dinners with dancing. Continue reading Three Totally Not Terrible Acapella Channels For The Omer

The Eric Garner Aftermath

This has been a very trying couple of weeks for us here at JN Magazine. Covering the Michael Brown verdict drained us to nearly the very last, and then the Eric Garner verdict came around and kicked us while we were down. We’re angry. We’re hurt. We’re disappointed. And each and every single one of us has been exhausted from having the same conversation across every social media platform imaginable.  Continue reading The Eric Garner Aftermath