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Finding My Place. Finding My Home.

by Nick Charles

About a year ago after attending High Holiday services because of a pretty girl, I reached out to my local synagogue and said that I needed to make this official and go through the Conversion process. I grew up in a mixed household and always believed I was Jewish ever since I was a teen. I never had a bar mitzvah and never really tried to keep kosher, but I relished the tranquility of Shabbat and would tear up with pride in hearing the Hatikvah.

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They’re All Our Boys

Guest Post by Adrienne “Adina” Yoe

One year has passed since our hearts and dreams were shattered when the Israeli government announced they had found the bodies of our boys – Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali a’h. When I first heard that three Jewish Israeli boys had been kidnapped in Gush Etzion, Israel last summer, I felt my heart stop. Like many members of the Jewish community, I did not feel that Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali were anonymous strangers or co-religionists. Continue reading They’re All Our Boys

My Non-Jewish Dad’s Bizarre/Heartwarming Obsession With Matzoh

by Ben Faulding

“It is altogether proper that matzah is called the bread of affliction, because it has been afflicted more than any other foodstuff on earth. It is born in a searing-hot oven and then completely ignored for fifty-one weeks of the year while people walk around shamelessly eating leavened bread and crackers. Then, Passover rolls around, and it is smeared with various substances, ground up into balls, and, in the morning, fried up into a counterfeit version of French toast. Everyone eats it and nobody likes it, and there’s always one last box that sits untouched in a cupboard for months afterward, lonely, broken, and utterly unloved.” –Lemony Snicket. Continue reading My Non-Jewish Dad’s Bizarre/Heartwarming Obsession With Matzoh