About Us

Here at JN Magazine, we’re a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-denominational family, just like the “mainstream” Judaism everyone knows and loves and pretends is the be-all and end-all definitive take on all things Jewish.

We’re here to change the monochromatic monolithic perception of Judaism.

Our gefilte fish has jalapenos. Our chicken has curry. Our horah is actually on beat. We know what laffa is, and we’ve had soft matzah on Passover. But don’t you dare try to tell us to get a fine-toothed comb in our hair before we dunk in the mikvah or direct us to the bathroom when we walk into temple.

We’re Jews, just like everyone else. Just a little browner. A little blacker. A little yellower. A little more guttural. And a lot more overlooked. You probably cross the street when you see us.

We laugh. We cry. We feel. We think.

In Spanish. In Hatian Creole. In Arabic. In Jamaican Patois. In Mandarin. In Cantonese. In Amharic. In English. In Ladino. And yes, even in Hebrew. And Yiddish.

Welcome to the rest of the Jewish world.

–The JN Magazine Team


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