Finding My Place. Finding My Home.

by Nick Charles

About a year ago after attending High Holiday services because of a pretty girl, I reached out to my local synagogue and said that I needed to make this official and go through the Conversion process. I grew up in a mixed household and always believed I was Jewish ever since I was a teen. I never had a bar mitzvah and never really tried to keep kosher, but I relished the tranquility of Shabbat and would tear up with pride in hearing the Hatikvah.


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2 thoughts on “Finding My Place. Finding My Home.”

  1. This would be an unusual response from Chabad. I would speak to a Chabad representative from the Chabad Center in your home town(if there is one in your community) and ask why they think this might have happened. Your last name shouldn’t be a factor. I just wonder if this might have something to do with increased caution because of the threat of terrorism.In any case, I certainly would try to find out more about it.


  2. Wow Nick, your essay resonates with me in a kind of perverse, reverse way. I’m a Scottish born son of a survivor who raised me to be culturally Jewish and an atheist.
    Like you, I feel Jewish but unlike you, have no interest in religion. The trouble comes from a need/want to belong but an inability to be recognised.
    Thank you so much for your article, I really enjoyed reading and relating to it.


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