I Have A Reality…

Of the many dynamic figures of the Civil Rights Movement, no two have been the victims of a reductionist legacy the way Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. have. When called to mind, most people remember Malcolm X’s association with the Nation of Islam and his tirades on white people being the devil and of the inherent superiority of blacks over whites, ignoring that after his pilgrimage to Mecca he left the Nation of Islam, embraced true Islam as a Sunni Muslim, eschewed black separatism, and had begun reconsidering his support for black nationalism. Continue reading I Have A Reality…


Finding My Place. Finding My Home.

by Nick Charles

About a year ago after attending High Holiday services because of a pretty girl, I reached out to my local synagogue and said that I needed to make this official and go through the Conversion process. I grew up in a mixed household and always believed I was Jewish ever since I was a teen. I never had a bar mitzvah and never really tried to keep kosher, but I relished the tranquility of Shabbat and would tear up with pride in hearing the Hatikvah.

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They Wouldn’t Even Bury Her

Identifying names and locations have been obscured to protect the subject and her family. To avoid naming the direct city in which this incident occurred or to cast undue aspersion on the Jewish community of a different city, we have edited the location to the state.

We’ll call her Yonah.

She was only a Facebook friend. We’d spoken a few times virtually. Chimed in on the same threads in the same groups that we both belonged to with our mutual friends. Even shared some of the same articles and blog posts (some of which were mine). She was vibrant and funny. She was young. Continue reading They Wouldn’t Even Bury Her