Taking But Not Giving

In the wake of the Paris attacks, I posted a simple yet pointed status on my Facebook page:

“Just a PSA for persons on an “obviously Muslims are terrible” rant:

American slavery ended in 1865. The Holocaust was in 1939.The civil rights act was signed in 1964. South African apartheid ended in 1994. So it’s essentially only been 21 years since most of white Christians FINALLY realized it’s in poor form to treat other people like garbage.

We’ve moved! You can read the rest at Multikosheral!


One thought on “Taking But Not Giving”

  1. I’m not anti-Muslim-immigration, but I don’t think your examples really prove your point. Eg segregation in America until the 60s – to me, that’s a good example of how sometimes there *is* reason for concern over an entire culture. Like, if it were somehow possible for 10,000 white people from the 1920s American south to move to your neighborhood, wouldn’t you be at least a little worried that they’re going to be racist and possibly even violent?

    I think a lot of Jews are scared. Sure, only a teeny tiny percent of Muslim immigrants or their kids have attacked Jewish communities, but it only takes a teeny tiny percent to threaten a large population. That’s how terrorism works. And in this generation, many Jews more easily identify with Jews in Europe who have been attacked than with Syrian refugees.

    I’m not saying fear is a reason to stop immigration. Just – I don’t see the fact that some Jews are opposed to immigration as surprising.


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