The Other Side Of The Garden

I wasn’t always Jewish, you know.

Once upon a time I was a typical Haitian-American girl trying to figure life out in the United States of America. I ate the typical food–griot, rice, beans–had the traditional Independence Day meals come January 1st annually. I was pretty sheltered growing up getting to go out when we all went to church.  We spoke French at home, although my parents had the secret Creole language that they spoke when they didn’t want the kids to hear.

Of course, we picked it up and figured it out.

We’ve moved! You can read the rest at Multikosheral!


2 thoughts on “The Other Side Of The Garden”

  1. The dualities such as physical/spiritual, peace/war, black/white and the struggle to find the balances. To come together – celebrate and tell tales of the stories of the lives and paths of our ancestors, whether an oral tradition or other traditions, to be strengthened in learning how others dealt with their physical path as both place and body through the ages, to be spiritually strengthened by learning of the triumph and struggles of Jews from all of diaspora while acknowledging the differences would help us all grow.


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