Taking But Not Giving

In the wake of the Paris attacks, I posted a simple yet pointed status on my Facebook page:

“Just a PSA for persons on an “obviously Muslims are terrible” rant:

American slavery ended in 1865. The Holocaust was in 1939.The civil rights act was signed in 1964. South African apartheid ended in 1994. So it’s essentially only been 21 years since most of white Christians FINALLY realized it’s in poor form to treat other people like garbage.
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The Other Side Of The Garden

I wasn’t always Jewish, you know.

Once upon a time I was a typical Haitian-American girl trying to figure life out in the United States of America. I ate the typical food–griot, rice, beans–had the traditional Independence Day meals come January 1st annually. I was pretty sheltered growing up getting to go out when we all went to church.  We spoke French at home, although my parents had the secret Creole language that they spoke when they didn’t want the kids to hear.

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I Think I’m Finally A Baal Teshuva

I’ve had a lot of issues with the term baal/baalat teshuva over the past 5+ years.

It means “master of returning”, and usually indicates a person who grew up with Jewish ancestry but not Torah observant, or at least not fully. Sometimes it’s used in common parlance to refer to someone who was “religious”, and then stopped being religious, and then came back to Orthodoxy. These terms: “religious” “Orthodox” and “baal teshuva”…they’re so self righteous. I hate the way they’re used in every day life, and in Orthodox communities.

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