Ham. The Other Black Meat.

One of the things I find most infuriating in life is the oxymoronical double standard where White Jews will say that they’re not White, but will regard Jews of Color suspiciously because said Jews…are not White.

We’ve moved! You can read the rest at Multikosheral!


2 thoughts on “Ham. The Other Black Meat.”

  1. Very interesting, and the last line made me laugh.

    I think it’s easy to make Torah seem to predict history after the fact. IOW some of the popularity of reading Noah’s curse as a prediction of modern slavery is the “proof” of seeing ostensible Torah prophecy come true even thousands of years later.

    Not to nitpick but “not white” and “not racist against dark-skinned people” are not the same thing. Eg Japan and Lebanon have problems with racism (not to single them out; most countries have problems with racism).


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