Make Your Summer Wardrobe Ready For Fall In Seconds!

By now you girls have already sung the farewell song to your summer clothes. Yes it is chilly out there. Yes it is time to make a change. But you don’t necessarily need to get rid of everything from the summer–you can recycle them in a fresh new way! Continue reading Make Your Summer Wardrobe Ready For Fall In Seconds!


An Inspired Shabbat

Last night, I was present for the presentation of a Guinness World Record. Project Inspire now holds the official record for “longest loaf of braided bread,” with a 20 foot, oven-baked, perfectly seeded 6 braid challah. Somehow, though, the over 2,200 women and girls I was sharing the space with weren’t an official record on our own. It would’ve been something like “most people simultaneously kneading and braiding challah.” Or, maybe, “most unified Jewish event.” Who would’ve ever thought that Brooklyn Jews could pull that one off?

Well, Project Inspire is certainly the group to make it happen. Continue reading An Inspired Shabbat