My Atonement With Gd

The high holy holidays have now ceased to be one of joy and celebration and have transitioned to sober repenting as Yom Kippur comes and goes.

This past year has been a challenge. During Rosh Hashanah services, weirdly enough, I began to reflect on the struggles I have encountered. Naturally, I questioned if Gd was out to get me. Continue reading My Atonement With Gd


You’re Talking to Gd Wrong

It happens to me every year. Every holiday. Every day, in fact.

I come across this one word, and my soul cringes inside my body knowing that millions of Jews have absolutely no clue that they’re saying it wrong. I didn’t know that I’d been saying it wrong for years myself until I stumbled across a random shul newsletter a few years back.

And, seeing as how this word is one of Gd’s names, saying it wrong is kind of a big deal. Continue reading You’re Talking to Gd Wrong