Off The Other Derech

“Off the Derech”, the term used to describe formerly frum Jews, is sort of a misnomer. It implies that there is one way to be an observant Jew, and one way to be a non-observant Jew. In reality, it would be difficult to draw lines to divide up the spectrum of practices among frum and frei alike. Leah Kleim, known online as “Rebbetzin”, saw that there were many people who, although no longer religious, still wanted to connect with others on Shabbos. She decided to create a Facebook group called OTD Shabbos, where any Jew can connect to make plans to celebrate Shabbos.

To find out more I interviewed Leah about the formation of the group, her goals, and its success so far.

We’ve moved! You can read the rest at Multikosheral!


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