Trendy Summertime Hair & Makeup Looks

Hey girls!

It’s seriously a scorcher out there! It goes without saying that wrapping your hair up in a bun and going makeup-less for a day in this summer heat is what you feel like doing everyday. Because let’s be honest–when it’s boiling hot out there wearing your hair down and having a full face of makeup can be super uncomfortable.

The sweat drenching your hair. The makeup reacting to your increased sweating that starts to run making it sticky and icky. Wearing our hair and makeup the same way in the summertime is just too much for us ladies.

So here are some easy tips to soothe your summertime makeup & hair perils.

Trade in your foundation for a BB Cream or a CC Cream

Go out and grab up BB and CC creams girls! These tinted creams are excellent lightweight alternatives to wearing foundation.They have a dual purpose as well! You may not know this but most BB creams and CC creams contain SPF 15 or more to protect your skin from the sun! So you get the 2-for-1 benefit with these awesome makeup substitutes.

My fave bb creams right now come from Maybelline in the form of the Dream Bronzer and Dream Fresh Collection. As their titles suggest , these bb creams both have something amazing to offer. If you are going for that beach tanned look it is best to use the Dream Bronzer BB Cream. It is so realistic looking and super blendable! The Dream Fresh BB Cream gives me the look I want the most during the summer–that fresh face, dewy look! It is a look that takes me a lot of time to create with a foundation/concealer/contour method. But with the Dream Fresh BB Cream I am dewy-faced in under 5 minutes and ready to head out!

Here is the bonus thing about Maybelline Women-With-A -Lotta-Yummy-Melanin-in-Their-Skin: It is friendly to darker skin tones! You will find it blends easily into your own skin with the greatest of ease! Get the right shade for you and you won’t have to worry about that annoying ashy, washed out look with your BB & CC creams.

Maybelline took care of us here girls!

Exchange Your Contour Routine for a Simple Strobing Method

Now lemme talk about contouring for a second–it’s a super pain in the summer. It’s an extra layer that you really don’t need on your skin. I abandoned contouring the moment it started hitting over 70 degrees in New York because I was suffering. Instead I went to the wonderful land of NYX and choose their Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator. I dab the corners and bridge of my nose, my high cheekbones, eyes, cupid’s bow and chin. Then just like that, bam, my skin has that glowy red carpet-esque look!

It has the same effects that contouring would have except it uses your own skin tone to bring out an inner radiant light. Using your own rich skin tone to create a Goddess like look in less than half the time it takes to contour is priceless. Give strobing a try this summer girls. You will love it!

Scoop that Hair Up!

It’s hot girls. Grab that hair up off your face for your daily routines! Try a sleek high pony, try that desirable Messy Bun experiment with the Romantic Twist Braid, try them all! Keep your hair off your neck and face if you find it incredibly unbearable and do it in a trendy way!

For married women, you have the whole sheitel issue. It prolly gets hot in the summer with all that extra hair on your head now right? Some of you gals trade out the sheitel for a fall to have more relief. But guess what? You can take it a step further and upgrade your outfit too!

It’s time to experiment with hair wrapping ladies.

Wrapping methods can range from a simple knot tie to extremely elaborate multi-intertwined scarves. Either way–the end results are always beautiful. The right saris & scarves can make your skin pop and frame your face in a way it deserves to be framed. Choose your look for the summer season from bright, stunning luscious colors.

Holding Onto That Style

For keeping your hair in check I highly suggest trying some manageable yet strong gel. However, be very careful and try not to OD with the gel. Using too much of it can rob your hair of moisture and strength.

For keeping your makeup in check–foundation or the relief that is provided by BB & CC creams–use makeup setting spray. My fav makeup setting spray of all time is the NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray. It’s super cheap, around $8 bucks, and it works like a $40 or more finishing spray. It withstands so much sweating even in a nonstop dance party at a wedding or in a club! I love it sooo much. You will too so give it a shot!

Ok guys those are my quick tips for now! I hope that this summer will treat you well.
Until next time! And remember to make sure to get some Sugar and Spice in your life!

elishevaElisheva is a Brooklyn born, Brooklyn bred Modern Orthodox J.A.A.P. (Jewish African American Princess). Her greatest passions are fashion and dance. She hopes that one day dance and fashion can truly heal the world.


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