As the world mourns the death of Cecil the Lion, internet vigilantes take justice into their own hands and Twitter trends the new #catlivesmatter. I asked myself why Cecil was dead and what it can tell us about the world we live in. Continue reading #catslivesmatter


Fashionable Summertime Modest Style : Yes, It’s A Thing!

On a hot summer day a woman in a cotton wifebeater and a pair of jeans looks me up and down. I hold my breath because I know what’s coming next.

“Aren’t you boiling in that?” she says to me.

I’m wearing a long ankle length maxi skirt and a pretty, ivory, flowy cotton elbow-length top.

“Nope.” I reply. Continue reading Fashionable Summertime Modest Style : Yes, It’s A Thing!

Trendy Summertime Hair & Makeup Looks

Hey girls!

It’s seriously a scorcher out there! It goes without saying that wrapping your hair up in a bun and going makeup-less for a day in this summer heat is what you feel like doing everyday. Because let’s be honest–when it’s boiling hot out there wearing your hair down and having a full face of makeup can be super uncomfortable. Continue reading Trendy Summertime Hair & Makeup Looks

Spark Reclaimed. At Least For Now.

A few weeks ago I took my family camping on Shabbos. The goal was to get back to the essence of Shabbos. I wanted to feel Shabbos the way I felt it many years ago. I wanted to be excited about it and feel a connection to Hashem. Because I love spending time in the woods and feel most at home in a wilderness environment I thought that camping Shabbos was the answer to feeling good about Shabbos again. Continue reading Spark Reclaimed. At Least For Now.

They’re All Our Boys

Guest Post by Adrienne “Adina” Yoe

One year has passed since our hearts and dreams were shattered when the Israeli government announced they had found the bodies of our boys – Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali a’h. When I first heard that three Jewish Israeli boys had been kidnapped in Gush Etzion, Israel last summer, I felt my heart stop. Like many members of the Jewish community, I did not feel that Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali were anonymous strangers or co-religionists. Continue reading They’re All Our Boys