Can Money Stop This?

“We`ll fight on the campuses, we`ll fight in the Apple stores, we`ll fight in the supermarkets; we shall never surrender!”

The never surrender clause has erupted when it comes to BDS in recent weeks. The comments of Orange CEO Stephane Richard which were later back tracked due to the fury of the Jewish world, illustrates this new reality. It also seems that our own Jewish Winston Churchill has emerged, as Sheldon Adelson, for his last week fundraising event to help fight BDS on university campuses. Continue reading Can Money Stop This?


Reclaiming The Spark

I have a confession: Shabbos isn’t so fun for me. During the week I’m busy taking care of my toddler, cleaning and organizing the house, preparing meals, running errands and helping grow a small doula business. By the time Thursday night or Friday morning arrives, I have very little energy left to put together a 4-course meal. Continue reading Reclaiming The Spark

Is Black Death A Footnote?

One of the reasons I like living in Israel versus living in America is the greater degree of anonymity I am afforded, due to the much larger number of Jews of African descent who are part of Israeli society. While it’s true that I don’t look in any way Ethiopian–the ethnic group that comprises the majority of our Black Jewry–I am close enough that people don’t feel the need to examine my life choices or question why I am a convert (or even bring it up much at all…when it comes up it is almost always from a fellow Westerner). Continue reading Is Black Death A Footnote?