Five Suggestions For Dealing With Racist Clients

Racism in the workplace is a topic oft tackled by HR departments in mid and large sized companies. Countless articles have been written encouraging companies to develop strict policies for dealing with racist employees and their rehabilitation. But what can you do if you are an independent contractor or an employee working for a small firm and you realize that your client is a racist and their opinions are making you uncomfortable? Continue reading Five Suggestions For Dealing With Racist Clients


I Am Not A Mafiosa

There’s a really cool thing that happens every time I walk into a predominantly Italian neighborhood. I checked with my friend Christine the other day to see if my experience was some kind of odd isolated thing or if this was a common occurrence for anyone with Italian roots; she told me that the same thing happens for her as well. Continue reading I Am Not A Mafiosa

Remembering the Death on Yom Yerushalayim

The first thing I noticed was the tent. It had appeared in the front yard of my apartment complex like a mushroom sometime between the early morning–when I had shuffled off blearily towards the train station–and nightfall, when I shuffled back blearily to fetch my kids and wind up the day. It was illuminated from within, a warm cheery glow, as if someone had lit a small fire, perhaps to tell stories and toast marshmallows. Continue reading Remembering the Death on Yom Yerushalayim

Inexcusable Behavior

Barry Freundel was sentenced this past Friday, May 15, 2015 to 6 1/2 years incarceration for 52 misdemeanor counts of voyeurism. His victims were women who had come to him to convert to Judaism and had trusted in him, only to have that trust violated in an incredibly egregious fashion. I empathize with them as a convert and as a survivor of sexual assault, with both identities quite interwoven. Continue reading Inexcusable Behavior

Some Shavuot Thoughts…

Like clockwork, the passing of Lag B’Omer awakens the telltale harbingers of Shavuot throughout the world of social media. One need only scroll down a few posts before running into a slew of cheesecake recipes, blintz recipes, and all other manner of dairy-centric concoctions.

While the die hard carnivores among my group of friends are quick to point out that the eating of dairy on Shavuot is not a requirement, they are almost certainly at odds with the dairy traditionalists. It’s a hotly debated topic in which both opinions are completely valid, however, there’s no denying that, as far as Jewish traditions go, eating dairy on Shavuot is about as universal as they come. Continue reading Some Shavuot Thoughts…