The Beauty of Conviction

I recently met a woman so beautiful in spirit, that my mind has been on high ever since. I used to be that child of whimsy, who carries in her heart a mission, and pockets full of faith. Then, through life’s experience, my heart slowly closed and I felt my light becoming muddled and dim. Meeting this beautiful soul has helped remove the dust that has been clogging up my vision.

She is a faithful traveler, who slings photographic images from around her neck. She gets to know her subjects, sharing with her viewers the stories of her journey and theirs. I enjoyed her most of all for her faith in values, being that she is Shomer Negiah (observant of the laws of physical contact between opposite sexes) and walks with bright light in her eyes.

In a few long hours, I learned her love of dating.

I don’t know if that translates into a desire to form long relationships, or if it is just a blissful feeling connected with the joy of conversing with the opposite sex. She carries Shabbat candles when she goes somewhere new, in hopes of running into someone in need of a little Shabbos light. This new friend deeply observes the strength of touch—a notion so well lost on our world-wide Western culture. It is a power that can be yielded for sake of love’s expression, or for purposes outside of love.

Before her, I felt I was drowning in the oceans of societal onus to move from one lover to the next, while really only wanting to explore my own being and capabilities on this Earth, without all the distraction and complications of intimately sharing my mind, body, and soul. I know this woman struggles in the greatness of wanting to touch another human being, to express all the love within, but I still believe that her future love will be more fortunate for her conviction to herself and her own beliefs, than if her lover were to find anyone who was more willing to fit in with the societal school of fish.

It was refreshing to meet her, not because of the rules she was guided by, but because she remained so true to herself. Steadfast in her own way of doing things, yet inclusive towards others. I was and am inspired.

We have only just met, but I want to tell of this woman, not for the interesting things she has done, or even for the kindness of her heart, but because she is unabashedly and joyfully herself. She sticks to her own sense of moral. She studies within the world she was born into—within Orthodox Hasidic Chabad Judaism—faithfully, wholly, and yet leaves room for personal discovery.

Someone like that should be revered for their beauty. It is true beauty such as hers which inspires those who have closed their hearts to make a change and reconnect with the world around them. She makes me walk with greater appreciation for myself, and the world around me.

Another bit of life to be thankful for.


Hi. I am Nahara, and I am thoroughly enjoying unraveling this great red yarn of life.

Header image courtesy of Pixabay.

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