Buzzfeed Literally Doesn’t Get Me

Buzzfeed, the “hip” online website that features everything from politically oriented news pieces to personality quizzes to celebrity gossip, is an online favorite for zoning out and giving brains a silly pseudo-intellectual quick-blast sugar fix. Some people despise the website for being too “Millennial” in tone. Others seem to not get enough of articles about why it’s so cool to meet garbage collectors as a little kid, lists delineating how “perfect” the tribute to Finn at the ending of “Glee” was, quizzes on spotting items in a New York City bodega, and the like. Most of the pieces on Buzzfeed are harmless fluff or simple quick reads (I’d recommend going elsewhere for news updates, though, but that’s just me). Continue reading Buzzfeed Literally Doesn’t Get Me


Staring Me Down…

Ah! A day in the life of Miriam. I tell ya, most of you couldn’t handle being me.

I think know Hashem knew what He was doing when he made me the way I am.

You see, I have a slight urge towards exhibitionism.  Something which being tzenua (modest) keeps in check.  My life sometimes is like a constant stage act.  As long as I look great and have my head together (i.e. knowing the topic at hand and being able to make intelligent contributions to a discussion), I feel great. Continue reading Staring Me Down…

Their Nude is NOT Your Nude!!!

Hey guys! I have been itching to write this piece for a long long time due to my own personal struggle to find my best makeup match–specifically with nude lipsticks!


Although I have a special focus on writing to black girls, I want to capture a wider spectrum of women that can have the same skin tones associated with black women–as in various hues of chocolate, caramel, gold and tans. So I give these women a new name. They shall be called Women-With-A -Lotta-Yummy-Melanin-in-Their-Skin. Continue reading Their Nude is NOT Your Nude!!!

The Irish Jew’s Guide to Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day

There is an endless debate among Irish Jews about how to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. The feast day, named after Saint Patrick who is fabled to have driven the snakes out of Ireland, is also celebrated as a day of Irish pride around the world. Recently, in a Facebook group (all great debates seem to start on Facebook), the question was asked if Jews were “allowed” to celebrate Pat’s day. Less knowledgeable folks cried out in horror that a Jew would even think of celebrating such a goyish holiday. For SHAME that any upstanding yid would want to partake in such drunken debauchery.

Unless, you know…that yid happens to be Irish. Continue reading The Irish Jew’s Guide to Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day

The Beauty of Conviction

I recently met a woman so beautiful in spirit, that my mind has been on high ever since. I used to be that child of whimsy, who carries in her heart a mission, and pockets full of faith. Then, through life’s experience, my heart slowly closed and I felt my light becoming muddled and dim. Meeting this beautiful soul has helped remove the dust that has been clogging up my vision. Continue reading The Beauty of Conviction

As a Jewish Writer This is Who I Am: Not What You Want

Recently an article that I wrote, Immoral Esther, was published by Tablet Magazine. I was proud, inspired and humbled that after years of hard work that finally my ideas and work had been accepted. However my incredible intoxicating high of joy was shattered by the mere replies to my article. From disagreeing to calling me a heretic, I have never expected such a response. In fact usually I would be prepared to handle the criticism, as a writer you`re prepared to handle people disagreeing with your work when published. It wasn`t just the intense criticism, but the comments. From having my work being called nudnik, being informed that my work wasn`t close to being published because of my arguments or, in the saddest case, not even promoted and given the chance to be read and talked about in greater detail. Continue reading As a Jewish Writer This is Who I Am: Not What You Want

Fashion Crisis: Help! Well Endowed with Dark Complexion!

We all know that at this time being a Jew of a diverse background in Frummie Land is a very rocky road. Being a Black Jew pretty much puts you at the bottom of the Totem Pole and makes life pretty difficult here. Not truly being accepted into the communities is apparent in obvious ways (racism) and in much more subtle ways (the communal clothing boutiques).

How so? Continue reading Fashion Crisis: Help! Well Endowed with Dark Complexion!