Really though, White Ashkenazi Jews ARE White

[Editor's note: The following article, as noted within, is a response to the recent article by blogger Hila Hershkoviz. As such, although we here at JN Magazine are fully aware that not all ethnically Ashkenazi Jews are monolithically "White", we have adopted Hershkoviz's definition so as not to obfuscate the issue under scrutiny.]

When I was a freshman in college, my Introduction to Sociology professor, Dr. Chi asked us all a question:

“What are you in this class to learn?”

Dr. Chi is a terrifying–but brilliant–professor. She could reduce you to tears with a single glare and the snappiest of remarks if you weren’t careful. Her class was sink or swim – either you realized that you were living in the Matrix, or you ended up hating her by Fall Break, and probably getting a D in the class. 

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51 thoughts on “Really though, White Ashkenazi Jews ARE White”

  1. Interesting take. You do articulate a lot of my feelings very accurately. But I’m still not accepting the label “white” when the problem is that there IS no label for us Jews. The Christians don’t understand the nature of Jewishness (as opposed to Judaism), while a perfectly white, middle-class Spaniard gets identified as Latino, with all the governmental privileges that implies. I have begun to refuse to identify my race or ethnic group (and not all my family looks white, either). I do have European blood, but also have Middle-Eastern blood, but while Arabs are allowed to claim that Middle Eastern blood, and to be considered minorities, we’re not. Arabs, East Indians, Chinese — all are benefitting greatly from being in this country, and are among the most highly regarded academics, doctors, lawyers, computer designers, etc, but STILL get to be regarded as minorities, with special accommodations, but Jews do not. Why do Jewish boys and men not wear kipot? Could it be because we are still quite subject to harassment and bigotry? There were more anti-Jewish hate crimes in the US last year than anti-Muslim crimes. Islamophobia, oh! bad, bad! Anti-semitism, yawn, what else is new? I guess I’m trying to say it’s much more complex than you make it out to be, and we, like blacks, have come a long way, but have not finished our journey.


    1. If your skin is white then you are white. Did you even read the article? That is point being made here. You get white priviliege if you look it. So for that alone you should be considered white. Irish aren’t white either then?


      1. if your skin is white, you are an albino….if your skin is pink, then you are a human being…if your skin is black, you are a coal miner….and if your skin is yellow, you are having renal failure. Apparently social pigeons have large peckers but are definitely stupid


      2. White skin does not mean you have white privilege all the time when you consider white-passing mixed & nonmixed poc but they still have white-passing privilege. What I don’t understand is why the concept of jewish “whiteness” is hard to understand for some folks. Your culture alone doesn’t make you less white. Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards, Greek people all have completely separate cultures, values, and languages. but they’re still white. they’re not less white when they speak another language. White privilege is being able to speak that language and not get dirty looks or killed for it.


      1. Actually, most studies suggest that Ashkenazim are identical to Sephardim. Both jewish groups are mostly middle eastern with varying degrees of italian, greek, and french admixture.

        Mizrahi Jews are genetically closest to Ashkenazim and Sephardim, they just lack the southern european admixture (which is under 50% in most cases).

        Ashkenazi Jews also cluster with Armenians, Azeris, and Mizrahi Jews from Iraq and Iran, and I am talking mtdna too.

        The vast majority of ashkenazi dna is middle eastern (levantine, mesopotamian), the minority is mediterranean (southern european).

        The picture on this page representing typical ashkenazim is misleading. Many ashkenazi jews are dark/olive skinned, not white.

        And some sephardim are white skinned with red hair, blonde hair and blue eyes. (same with mizrahim).

        The writer of this article is being deceptive.

        Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews are genetically the same in most cases. Autosomal studies prove this. The outdated ‘goldstein’ study of 2013 has been contested by past and future studies as well.


  2. It’s a lot easier to feel white and an insider when you grow up Ina predominately Jewish area as most American Jews do. Be it New Jersey or Southern California, it is very rare to feel outright ostracized as a Jew in the 21 st century. That being said, I grew up in an area that had a minuscule Jewish population. As a child, certain kids parents wouldn’t let them play with me. My temple was regularly vandalized. I once had several kids chase me down a hall trying to “save” me. And yes, I was told I looked different.

    Maybe if I was lucky enough to grow up in New Jersey like the author I would feel purely white. However, for me and all those other token Jews scattered around the of rural America, its not necessarily the case.

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    1. We live in the NW and my son is regularly taunted in school for being Jewish. My daughters were straight up discriminated against (10 years ago) for being Jewish. We regularly feel ostracized in one of the most “progressive ” places in the US. It’s not true that the only way one would know that we’re Jewish is if we dressed like Chassidim. It’s a regular occurrence, in this Christian dominated place, that we don’t fit in. In school when the essay topic this year was “Your families’ Christmas traditions” we really felt how different we are. The teacher’s response was to exclude my son from 2 weeks of holiday festivities and to regularly taunt him in public.

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      1. I am now taunted because I conserve….the teachers I know hate me for not wanting to give them money to tear down the perfectly good school we have an build another one on top of the old one…I an now taunted because I drive a perfectly good 20 year old vehicle…I am taunted because I do not like sports, television, or other mindless stupidity,,,,I am taunted because I ride the bus, wear perfectly good old clothes, hang up my clothes on a clothesline, make compost, grow my own food, fix my own autos, and have many other things most Americans don’t have….like money in the bank, no loans, health, and respect for all people. So I say, if you don’t like me, perhaps you need some gelato.


  3. I really don’t understand the issue here. White people are considered white because of their fair skin color, regardless of their faith. The only way people would recognize you as a Jew is if you dress up and speak like the Ashkenazi, Orthodox stereotype the “western” world has learned to identify. This is the only Jew they are familiar with.
    It has always been this way, regardless of ample attempts to classify Jews as a race throughout the centuries.

    I don’t understand what Dr. Chi has to do with this article, save for trying to justify a whole article on the subject of the “white Ashkenazi Jew” by an owed Dr.
    It’s not. I don’t think American Jews are confused or conflicted between their faith and skin tone.
    Also, the impression I got from your description of Dr. Chi is of someone who should never be teaching. I would never admire a teacher who is too strict, terrifying to its students, or reduce them to tears.
    “Sink or Swim” is a very, very cruel, inefficient teaching method.
    e.g. we don’t use it to teach things like Swimming.

    There is no point of using ‘race’ to describe the Jews, white people, or any other ethnic or cultural group on the planet.
    There is just no good, usable concept of races within the human race. The concept of race has always been there to serve political purposes, usually to raise one group above another in order to exploit the latter. It has been hyped through the 19-20th centuries by “experts”, “professionals” and “researchers” – always to come to a political end, with disastrous consequences. There has never been a global agreement by a global scientific community on what race is or a definition of specific races, because as long as it involves cultural differences you will always arrive at a conclusion relative to your culture.
    The only reasonable definition of race you can get at is within the realm of biology and the human genome, where it’s already determined we are all just one race.

    To put it simply-
    Jews did not become ‘white’ in America – they became American. Most of them were white when they reached the USA from Germany, Russia, Poland, UK, etc. They were just absorbed by the local culture, influencing it as they did, as happens with most immigrants in the world.


    1. That’s half the story (Maternal DNA)
      read this quote from your article:
      “Past research found that 50 percent to 80 percent of DNA from the Ashkenazi Y chromosome, which is used to trace the male lineage, originated in the Near East, Richards said.”

      Ashkenazim are “White,” a purely artificial concept in the same way that many Syrian, Lebanese, Cypriots and Maltese are, but we are NOT EUROPEAN. Some of us are mixed with Europeans, but what do you call a person who is half West African and half European? In America, I believe the term is “Black”

      Ashkenazi Jews are mixed Levantine and European. People native to the Levant (not in Europe) are pale skinned. Iraqi Jews are a good example.

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    2. That study has been refuted by most others. The european admixture was over estimated. But let’s say even if it was true. So what? Sefaradim have the same admixture. According to all autosomal studies, ashkenazi jews, moroccan, turkish, and syrian jews, along with european sefaradi jews all cluster right next to each other, sometimes directly on top..

      No race is pure. But Ashkenazim are mostly middle eastern. Sefaradim are not pure either.

      Other studies have showed that ashkenazi mt-dna is related to mizrahi jews from persian speaking communities.


  4. You can deny white privilege all you want, but when a cop comes looking for trouble, let’s just say that they’re not going to check for your foreskin.

    I think a large amount of people are not getting is that whiteness (or coloredness, for that matter) is not a matter of self-identity, but how others typecast you.

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      1. Jeff Goldblum does not pass as any regular european. Plenty of sefaradi jews can pass as european. So cherry picking proves nothing.


    1. If i am asked to tell the truth and I choose to hide the truth and give a false answer on a census form, does that make me a liar when I don’t really know the answer. I have no idea where my great, great, great, great grandfather or grandmother was born. I look at my skin, at least only the skin that I am allowed to show, and I deduce where my lineage came from even though I am not sure. So lets just get over it and buy and sell because it really doesn’t matter….what does matter is honesty and respect.


    2. Ashkenazi Jews were largely targeted in the holocaust for being darker skinned, not looking european, but middle eastern. Millions dead. I would say that is a far cry from any type of white privilege.

      Look at how Der Sturmer depicted ashkenazi jews, as brown people. Because many were, and still are.

      No race is pure. Sefaradim also are mixed with europeans, no less than ashkenazim.


  5. So what about the yiddish-speaking, black-hat-wearing, non-assimilated ashkenazi Jews? Are they white?

    I think that whether Ashkenazi Jews are “white” depends on place and circumstance. In most of America, pale-skinned Jews are treated as white when it comes to, say, police profiling.

    But Hila lives in the middle east, and over here a lot of people see a big difference between ashkenazi Jewish and non-Jewish white.

    I think another part of the reluctance about the “white” label is that labeling ashkenazi Jews “white” is often done as part of an attempt to delegitimize. If you hear someone talking about how ashkenazi Jews are actually from Europe, not the Middle East, there’s like a 99% chance that they’re saying that as a way to argue that there’s no place for a Jewish state in the middle east.

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    1. Yes they’re white too. Because when they see a Jew who’s a little bit too brown or too hispanic or too asian looking for their tastes, they regard them suspiciously…because they’re not white.


      1. Shais – that definition is basically the polar opposite of what the author is suggesting. If I understood correctly, her whole point is that race is defined by how others see you, not by your own perspective.


  6. It is not the opposite, it is part of the circular logic inherent to white privilege and the other side of the coin. Only people with white privilege can turn it “on” or “off”. The author’s point is that White Ashkenazi Jews try to turn it “off” when they compare themselves to other European ethnicities, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have it or that they are not, in fact, White, period.


    1. What do you mean by turn it “on” and “off”? Do you mean they can pass for non-Jewish-white? Or that they can both be racist, and claim to not be white?

      I do think that white-skinned ashkenazi Jews are treated as white, in America, for most things. But I can understand Hila’s discomfort, too. It’s stupid if pale-skinned people refuse to admit they enjoy privilege, but it’s also weird for the dominant race to get to pick and choose other people’s ethnic identity.

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      1. Turn it off and on as in complain that they don’t have or don’t have “full” white privilege, but also turn and around and use their white privilege on people who don’t have ANY, “full” or not.

        Where are you getting that the “dominant race” is doing anything? EVERY race, at least here in America, that interacts with White Ashkenazi Jews–until it finds out otherwise and sometimes even AFTER that–interacts with them as if they’re just White, period.


  7. Stop with this “white privelege” bullshit already. Make better decisions and you’ll have privileges. Make shitty decisions and you won’t. REGARDLESS OF YOUR FUCKING SKIN COLOR. All this boo hoo hooing about your victimhood. FUCK YOUR VICTIMHOOD.


    1. Thing is, white privledge is the advantages one receives SIMPLY because of having white skin, like not being followed in a store or not getting pulled over while driving. Racism and micro-aggression is perfectly exemplified by your comment.


    2. So please explain why police are killing unarmed innocent black people and how that reconciles with your b.s. victimhood only white people say that shut.


  8. I just graduated with BAs in Social Science and Black Studies, and I’m an Ashkenazi Jew. I often feel magenta, and I work for social justice, specifically in the criminal “justice” system. I deeply appreciate your response.

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  9. Hello,I’m a Jewish woman, born and raised in the UK.

    Just wondering, do Jewish-Americans realize that the total Jewish population in the UK is approx. 300,000?
    Most Brits will never meet anyone Jewish.
    Most Brits don’t even know what it means to be Jewish (unless Israel is in the news, then we’re accused of this, that and the other).

    Jews in the UK try to stay beneath the radar (especially in politics and the media, where we punch above our weight).
    Middle-aged Jews (like me) are happy to integrate, but have no intention of assimilating (sorry, can’t speak for under-40’s).

    And the point of this post?
    To respectfully remind you that there are more things to bring us together, than pull us apart.

    Skin colour = identity?
    Come on, let’s try and be bigger and better than that.

    Shabbat shalom (it’s already Friday here!).


  10. So anyone who can “pass” as white is “white”, because appearances/perceptions are more important than reality?

    Does that also mean that gay people who can “pass” as straight (e.g. Rock Hudson rather than Richard Simmons) aren’t gay?

    Keep in mind that perceptions can change. German Jews in the 1920s were considered German. That did nothing for them a decade later.

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  11. I have thought for many years about the intersectionality of Jewish woman subject to sexist oppression/ white looking to those not in the know/ seen as white and granted white privilege but never feeling white/ viewed by Jewish and Gentile men as an “uppity Jewish woman,” and occasionally the object of anti-semitism. It seems to me that in this post-modern world I/we must hold all of these contradictions together and continue to search ourselves for our sterotypes of others and our own internalized oppression. It’s complicated.


  12. Well, I am Black and had a jewish mother. My mother did not practice or teach us about judaism, as I think she was really an atheist. And I suspect my leanings are toward that, as well, even though some of my siblings do practice judaism and consider themselves jewish. While there was a huge debate as to the authenticity of Black jews being jewish, the debate has turned to the so-called “whitness” of some jews. Please know that I do not want to offend anyone, but I must say that I totally agree with the columnist. She is clearly a white woman. And the majority of Ashkenazi jews are clearly white people. You may not feel comfortable with that, as I, too, wouldn’t wanted to be grouped in one with the single most oppressive group to white jews, which is the white anglosaxon protestant.

    While many of you ashkenazi jews may not consider yourself “white,” please know that when people of color look at you, we see a white person, even my sephardic jewish colleagues see ashkenazi jews as white people. What I do not understand is how you, Ashkenazi jews, have married, assimilated, integrated and reproduced with white anglo saxons for over 2,000 years and think you are still genetically the same as those who left the middle east and for europe. Let us be reasonable, here. Whatever “middle eastern” ancestry you have, it has likely been watered down to the point that you really are, sorry, white.

    But is it that big an issue to you? Do you want us to pretend you are not white? Does being white make you feel as though you are less jewish (although some jews of color would argue that)? You are still jewish, regardless of color. Move on! (Boy, I am going to get beat up for this one! LOL)



    1. Not going to beat you up, but I got a genetic study done, and I am 3/4 Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. 1/4 North European. The fact is that European Jews did NOT intermarry all that much. But when you do have Northern European genes, they come out in some people. My family is very mixed as far as appearance, with some looking very Middle Eastern and others not.

      Interesting that you mention that Sephardic Jews consider Ashkenazis white. Aren’t Sephardim white? The Mediterranean component of my ancestry comes from Spain — I’ve had 2 different sites confirm that. So am I racially different from Sephardim?

      But my question to you is, do you consider Middle Easterners not white? If you look at Lebanese and Syrians, they’re pretty indistinguishable from other groups considered white. Where is the line for whiteness?

      When we are considered white for purposes of health, for example, it can be very misleading because we are genetically different from the general European populations, and we have different health risks.

      I do appreciate your understanding that many of us don’t want to be grouped with the oppressors.

      So my conclusion is that I would rather be considered Ashkenazi Jewish than white. It’s not the color that matters, but the ancestry, and I’m much less interested in racial profiling than in genetics, and color is the least important aspect of this.


    2. Except that the fact is that the majority of the genetic makeup of Ashkenazi Jews is Middle Eastern, not European.

      Genetics is not about “looks”. An Albino black person also “looks” white, but isn’t.

      You seem to be applying the reverse of the racist “one drop rule”, and that is just as racist.


  13. The majority of the genetic makeup of ashkenazi jews is middle eastern, not european? Actually, we know for a fact that white jews’ maternal lineage is primarily from Europe, not the middle east. So, the claim that ashkenazi jews are mostly from middle eastern ancestry has been debunked. The typical Ashkenazi jew is not “MOSTLY” from middle east ancestry.

    You also stated that jews from the middle east did not intermix that much. Of course, they did! How else do we know that white jews’ maternal lineage is primarily from white european mother, who converted to judaism? If judaism is determined by your mother (which I question), then white jews’ are a product of converted white european women. Hence, you are a descendant of conversion.

    You gave the example that an “albino” looks white but may not be. Actually, albinism can occur in any race, as it is a congenital disorder in that there is an inheritance of recessive gene alleles. So, I did not quite get your point in making the assumption that an albino was necessarily a non-white.

    As far as your middle east ancestry, please know that many other white european people have substantial middle east ancestry, and those people are not jewish. Take the sicilian. They are typically 50% from middle eastern ancestry. They, too, are white people, well, sorry, just like you. So, it really isn’t meaningful that you have middle eastern ancestry, as proven by human migration theories.

    Look, as race is a social construct, you are a white person. Your children look no different than white european children, and you look no different than white european people. Why? Because you are both white! And your being white is not akin to albinism as your whiteness is not a congenital disorder nor rarity. Jewish is not a race. Your race is white and your religion is judaism, albeit a descendant of converted white european women. (lol, sorry, I just had to add that.)

    I ponder if your rejection of whiteness, which is obvious that you are white, is also in part associated with Israel’s “right of return” of jews. It undermines this notion that you belong in the middle east, I presume. A friend of mine just stated that over my shoulder, as I am typing. I never thought about it that way. Well, if the well respected Israeli Prof. and anthropologist Yair Ben David of Tel-Aviv University is correct, lol, 90% of those in Israel have absolutely no right being there at all, particularly white jews.

    But I do understand why you attempt, rather unsuccessfully, to distance yourself from other white europeans, in considering europe’s vile history toward jews. Look, we’ll compromise. You’re white, but I just won’t acknowledge it. lol

    (I’m going to quit posting here before I get beat up! Cheers!)



    1. he point about albinos is that you can’t see genetics (DNA), you can’t depend on “looks”. There are people who can “pass” as white who aren’t and vice versa.

      Yes, Ashkenazi Jews have a genetic admixture, but so what? You think Germans and French haven’t intermixed? Does that mean neither of them exists? That Germans are French and French are Germans?

      Not that racial “purity” matters, but the highest estimate I have seen in any study is “35-55%” European. So just maybe a majority, but only if you look at the maximum end of the range from the maximum study.

      Genetic studies have also shown that Ashkenazi Jews are more closely related to other Jews (Sephardic, Mizrahi) than to their European hosts (which is why some label a Jews from Warsaw as “European” rather than “Polish” – which he obviously isn’t). Are Mizrahi Jews also “white”

      So let’s go back to the “one drop rule”. For generations, a person who had 3 white grandparents and 1 black parent (even 15 and 1) was considered “black” and not “white”.

      Yet in the case of Jews, if they have 1 white “mother” 2,000 years ago, that makes them “white”?!

      As of April, 2015, 75% of Israeli Jews were born in Israel, it’s not like they have anywhere else to “go back” to.

      Let’s compromise and avoid silly labels like “white”: The Jewish people are… Jews.

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  14. Let me tell you about my own identity. I am a white man. My nationally is American. My parents were Italian Jews who immigrated to the USA. I was adopted by my parents who are Lithuanian and Polish. I am 100% Jewish, 100% Italian and 100% Israeli. All Jews are citizens of Israel should they want to be. Judaism is my religion. (key word is “Religion”) Its does not matter what type of Jew I am. Personally I am a Ashkenazi Jew. I know this can be confusing, but think of it this way: There is only one race…the Human race. We are all a mix of everything. Boarders change, people move across the globe, we all fall in love with different people. Everything changes. We choose to be what ever we want to be. So stop worrying about “who’s this or who’s that.” All you will find with that type of thinking is that beneath the skin everything is equal and the same.


  15. If your not called nigger, spick or chink and can enjoy the luxury of not being harassed by police your white. If your expected to laugh at racist jokes about people with dark skin and high melanin levels your white


  16. Hershkovitz’s piece struck me as rather biased. She seems to seek to disassociate Ashkenazic Jews from ‘whiteness’ due to her own personal prejudices rather than to legitimately determine whether Ashkenazi Jews, which means German Jews, are or are not white. Based on technical race classifications, Askenazi Jews are entirely Caucasian. Studies show that Ashkenazic Jews have Middle Eastern ancestry, as Hershkovitz was eager to impress, yet she intentionally dismissed that the vast majority of studies show that Ashkenazic Jews have roughly 50% European ancestry as well. Hershkovitz remarks about the skin color of Ashkenazic Jews remaining unchanged which is entirely baseless. I encourage anyone whom disagrees to compare and contrast the skin tone of European Jews with Mizrahi Jews, the difference in skin coloration is prevalent enough that even the most ignorant could delineate them. The presence of European DNA in Ashkenazic Jewish autosomal DNA being as large as it is has had an effect on the skin color of Ashkenazi Jews, like Einstein whom would be classified as white by most. Simply put, the persecution of Ashkenazic Jews in the past and to a lesser extent still today in no way eliminates them from being white. Indeed, they have been and are still discriminated against but so have certain Christian groups been in the past. That did not make those groups non-whites though they were being ostracized. The author of this article correctly acknowledges that Ashkenazic Jews today benefit from the social gains associated with being white in America. However, with recent genetic studies confirming slightly higher variation between races than previously thought, such as presence of Neanderthal DNA in all non-Africans, Darwin’s assertion that race is merely a social construct has been undermined. That being said, these variations are not of the biological significance that racists would like to portray. Thus, race exists as both a social construct and as something, though not of great importance, biologically tangible. Ashkenazi Jews would be considered as white in both the social and biological realm. An aryan supremacist would likely take issue with my characterization, as would Hershkovitz.


  17. Hershkovitz’s piece struck me as rather biased. She seems to seek to disassociate Ashkenazic Jews from ‘whiteness’ due to her own personal prejudices rather than to legitimately determine whether Ashkenazi Jews, which means German Jews, are or are not white. Based on technical anthropological race classifications, Askenazi Jews are entirely Caucasian. Studies show that Ashkenazic Jews have Middle Eastern ancestry, as Hershkovitz was eager to impress, yet she intentionally dismissed that the vast majority of studies show that Ashkenazic Jews have roughly 50% European ancestry as well. Hershkovitz remarks about the skin color of Ashkenazic Jews remaining unchanged which is entirely baseless. I encourage anyone whom disagrees to compare and contrast the skin tone of European Jews with Mizrahi Jews, the difference in skin coloration is prevalent enough that even the most ignorant could delineate them. The large presence of European DNA in the Autosomal DNA of Ashkenazic Jews has altered their skin tone, like Einstein whom most would consider to be white. The persecution of Ashkenazic Jews in the past and present in no way eliminates them from being white. Certain Christian whites too have faced persecution in the past yet their whiteness was not drawn into question, for example. The author of this article correctly acknowledges that Ashkenazic Jews today benefit from the social gains associated with being white in America. However, I disagree with the assertion that race is merely a social construct. With many recent genetic studies confirming slightly higher variation between races than previously thought, such as the presence of Neanderthal DNA in all non-Africans, or Denisovan DNA, Darwin’s assertion that race is merely a social construct has been undermined. That being said, these variations are not of the biological significance that racists would like to portray. Race is both a social construct and, though not of great importance, biologically tangible. Ashkenazic Jews are considered as white in both regards. Hershkovitz as well as aryan supremacists would likely disagree with my characterization. I think it’s more appropriate to think of Ashkenazic Jewish ancestry in a manner akin to ancestral ethnicity. Sometimes that ethnicity is the cause of persecution as other white ethnicities too have suffered persecution in the past.


  18. Ashkenazi Jews are identical to Sephardic Jews, both in genetics, and in many cases skin tone too. All autosomal studies show this.

    The picture on this page is misleading. Many Ashkenazim look middle eastern because they are genetically.

    Sephardic jews have the exact same levels of ‘white european’ admixture from Italy, Greece, etc.

    And btw, technically anyone from the middle east and north africa is white according to the census. So this whole page is a lie.


    1. “People who are ethnically white and claim not to be, need to see a shrink.”

      Well then, arabs and others including many hispanics should see a ‘shrink’.

      Why single out Jews? The point is Jews are middle eastern, like Assyrians, Kurds, Chaldean Catholics, Arabs, Persians, etc.

      Palestinians have european admixture as well. No race is pure anything.

      Your Dachau comment is disturbing. I think you need a shrink.

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  19. People who think “white” is an “ethnic” group need to see a shrink.

    David’s comment is worthy of a longer reply. Assuming his “50%” figure is correct (most studies put it lower), why does that make Ashkenazi Jews European/white rather than BOTH European/white AND Middle Eastern?

    Again let me reflect on how amazing (by which I mean illogical) racism can be. In the case of blacks with one white grand-parent or even one white parent, they were black (“one drop rule” of non-white “blood” excludes one from the white club). Yet in the case of Jews, one potential white ancestor 2,000 years ago makes them White?

    If an ethnic German had one French ancestor hundreds (or thousands) of years ago, is that person suddenly not ethnically German?

    One genetic study put the inter-mixing rate between Ashkenazi Jews and the host population at 0.5% per generation. I’m guessing Germans and French have a higher rate of admixture. That all ethnic Germans likely aren’t “pure” due to admixing over the centuries mean Germans aren’t really Germans – and French aren’t really French?

    The “Ashkenazi Jews are ‘European'” (or “Khazar”) argument is pushed by racist idiots whose goal is to deny that Jews are Jews – the penultimate act of Anti-semitism, no?

    The argument is baseless. Not only do they contradict themselves (Khazars weren’t Europeans), but “European” is a geographic rather than ethnic (or genetic) designation. They say “European” precisely because even they know that Polish Jews weren’t Poles and that Hungarian Jews weren’t Magyars, etc. (Studies have also conclusively shown that Ashkenazi Jews are not “Khazar converts”.)

    As for skin color, genetics is more than skin deep. Studies show that Polish, Hungarian, German and Russian Jews are genetically closer to Mizrahi (eastern or “Arab”) Jews than to Poles, Hungarians, Germans and Russians.

    Some Jews have lighter skin, others have darker skin. Get over it.

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